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I have worked with Fiona and Graeme for the past 15 years which is testimony to the trust and value I place in them. Design Director, Graeme Leslie, provides us with visual branding support of the highest calibre, and is very much an extension of our internal marketing and communications team.

We work with Designtastic on a retained basis and have weekly meetings with Graeme. From designing our internal staff newsletter and our intranet, to our marketing literature and images for social media platforms, Graeme takes care of everything related to our visual brand. With his great attention to detail, Graeme has honed and refined our branding, ensuring it is as consistent as it is engaging, across the spectrum of marketing tools. One example of this would be the Sparrows logo. Despite it pre-dating our relationship with Designtastic, Graeme has nonetheless worked his magic to formalise it and make it much more user-friendly for us.

Graeme also works on the visual brand of one of our Sparrows Group Companies – Alpha, which operates in the wind energy sector – delivering the same visual branding solutions as for the main Sparrows Group.

Here at Sparrows we greatly value Graeme’s independent opinion, and his input is always insightful and constructive. We also feel that Graeme treats us as a priority, and always delivers a high-quality, speedy turnaround on projects. As a result, Designtastic are very much part of the team.

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“Designtastic have become part of our weekly sales process and are effectively part of our company covering all forms of marketing from digital to branding, PR, and print.”

James McPherson, CEO, Voice Technologies, James McPherson, CEO, Voice Technologies

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“Designtastic helps us to drive sales using their marketing and PR expertise. We trust them to manage our brand and reputation and what sets them apart is their ability to act as part of our company, consistently being proactive as well as creative.”

Stefano Malagodi, Managing Director, Innovo Engineering & Construction, Stefano Malagodi, Managing Director, Innovo Engineering & Construction

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